Everything seems to be in short supply in business, these days. There never seems to be as much time or resources as we’d like to have for every aspect of running an enterprise of any size, from the multinational that’s been around for decades to the SME that was registered yesterday. This includes the vital business process of finding and recruiting the right talent.

How Recruitment Agencies Help

Taking a closer look at exactly how recruitment agencies help businesses out, involves a closer look at what having an in-house recruitment team entails. This team will require office space, equipment, utilities, salaries, and a corresponding budget. This budget also needs to cover maintenance and repairs, research and development, and benefits such as leaves and insurance.

In-house HR managers are responsible for training and developing staff, which in turn involves setting recruitment standards or best practices, defining job descriptions, and establishing the protocols for the orientation of new employees.

Engaging a recruitment agency is far less expensive and allows far more flexibility than maintaining an internal team. A business will not only not have to shoulder the costs involved, but will be able to forego the training and development responsibilities incurred by internal HR managers.

This is especially holds true for businesses in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry which have several high turnover positions such as front-line staff. Corporations looking for C-suite level positions likewise stand to benefit significantly from a recruitment agency’s expertise, as finding and wooing top executives with the necessary qualifications and experience are specialisations in themselves.

The Recruitment Agency Advantage

Recruitment agencies are made up of HR professionals who have made the finding and placement of people into the perfect positions within a business, the overriding objective of their careers. As professionals, recruitment experts have the necessary skills for helping businesses to find just the right candidates.

These skills include being able to establish relationships with a candidate base. In other words, recruitment is not just about finding or picking out people, it’s about reaching out to them in order to find out what their individual goals are. Having done this, expert recruiters do their best to align those goals with the goals of a business that is looking to hire.

This relationship also enables a recruitment agency to zero in on the specific capabilities that a candidate has, to be able to match them with a company’s specific requirements. When taken against the backdrop of an increasing focus on specialised skills in the workplace, such as fintech or other digital capabilities, this ability to find people with just the right skill set becomes increasingly important.

Industry observers say that larger corporations might do better to turn to recruitment agencies to look for people with certain skills, and leave their in-house recruitment teams to fill more general, not-so-specialised positions. This especially holds true for businesses with just one HR manager, who has enough to do dealing with on-boarding and other HR issues without the time-consuming task of sourcing candidates.

This, in turn, demonstrates how internal HR managers can work with recruitment agencies, instead of viewing outside agencies as competition or a substitute. An agency that takes the time to really get to know a client, in order to find out what that client’s business needs in terms of recruitment, will be in the best position to work with that business’ HR personnel.

That said, it’s also a distinct advantage for a business if its recruitment agency is experienced in servicing other clients in its industry.

In working with recruitment agencies, a business can also be assured of leveraging the latest hiring trends and technology, and of correct and up-to-date compliance with official regulations. If a business’ in-house recruitment team is not made up of dedicated, career HR experts, there’s a chance that the team could be following obsolete practices or out-of-date government policies.

How One Trend Leads To Another

The trend of offering a core product or service has led businesses to tap outside agencies or third parties. In other words, any business whose main service offering has nothing to do with recruitment, would prefer to outsource staffing to enable focus on its core competency, which usually requires the bulk, if not all, of its resources.

Because recruitment is the core competency of an employment agency, such an agency should be able to provide these services at higher levels of proficiency and efficiency compared to administrative or auxiliary internal staff.

Improving economic conditions and increasing business confidence have also led to increased headhunting and hiring activity.  This, in turn, has fuelled a growing demand for recruitment solutions. At the same time, tech developments and evolving workforce demographics present businesses with fresh challenges in terms of finding the manpower they need.

In response to these trends, TODAY Online says the Manpower Ministry, the National Trades Union Congress and the Singapore National Employers Federation are working together to help smaller businesses who lack HR capabilities. Their efforts encourage entrepreneurs to outsource or seek outside support for recruitment and other business processes.

Your One-Stop Recruitment Shop

Outsourcing experts say that it is better for businesses to select a “one-stop shop” type of service provider, as opposed to finding individual agencies for different requirements.  When looking for an employment agency in Singapore, choose one that offers comprehensive recruitment services.

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