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Our Mission

We want to increase human capital for the benefit of individuals, corporations and societies at large, at a profit that re-injects funds back through the same cycle, by innovation and modern technology, with like-minded people who are here to make a difference.

Who We Are

Elitez Group was formed out of our collective expertise to enable our clients’ growth with quality and timely Human Resource Outsourcing Services.

Our commitment towards People Excellence and Operational Excellence serve as the twin pillars supporting the vision of our clients. From outsourcing of business processing to developing internal capabilities through training,

We are Your HR Partner.



With an unyielding commitment to integrity, we offer high-quality services by building teams with a sense of ownership of output. We stand for 3es Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Excellence in People, Service & Innovation

We believe work and play can coexist. Taking care of business begins with taking care of people. We are individuals who connect people, from team building to giving back to our communities


Individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, self-expression, unique capabilities, age, color, ability, ethnicity, gender identity, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, and other characteristics all play a significant role in Elitez’s culture, as well as our values and accomplishments.

Our Commitment

Our Perks

Derive greater meaning apart from work, be it an environmental or social cause. Giving back to society is part of our culture, we want to make a difference. We live and work in the communities we serve, and we encourage all our people to get involved. We strive to align our social initiatives and support what truly resonates with our employees.

We place great emphasis on employee development, through future leadership program and development level-based certification/training with our internal and external specialised partners. We’ll encourage you to seek out a path that plays to your strengths and provides a transparent career path as well as the necessary support and development for you to realise your full potential.

Shape you own workday! Tackle your responsibilities at the time that works best for you. We believe taking this approach allows you to better connect all aspects of ‘Life,’ including work, home/family, community, personal well-being, and health. We do not want to limit you in any way, whether it’s when you start or stop working; after all, we put our trust in you.

Giving you the freedom to manage your time and where you work on any given day, whether in an office or at home. It’s all about getting the work done in a way and place that’s energising and purposeful for you. Perform your work with confidence from any location or country. Elitez, work where it’s best for you.

We recognizee and value individual differences, and we want to ensure our people are comfortable bringing their true selves to work. We create inclusive programs for everyone that include a diverse range of activities and networks, such as Baby at work program, which aims to bridge the gap between parenthood and career goals, allowing smooth transition back to work.

Aspire to start a business? Have a vision to identify opportunities and develop ideas? We want to support you! Elitez comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so we foster an environment that encourage Entrepreneurship. We’ve created a culture where employees are free to share their ideas and are given the resources and support they need to succeed!


Are you a people person and interested to advance your career? Our BD team is the front of the firm responsible for driving revenue growth. Work hand-in-hand with different business units to curate and develop strategies and bring in new business from prospects and current customers. Endless possibilities – join our BD Team and expand your horizons!

Have a keen eye for spotting and engaging Talents and a strong desire to improve workforce efficiency? Human Capital is fundamental in building our businesses, internally and externally. Our HR team ensures that we have diverse and inclusive policies to make ECG, a preferred Employer of Choice.

Looking for a place to push your limit and discover your hidden abilities? Contribute to the growth of each business! There is never a dull moment in the marketing department – if you are creative, innovative, and eager to learn, you would be a great fit. We work hard to meet high-level expectations in a fast-paced and exciting environment.

Finance without strategy is just numbers, and strategy without finance is just dreaming. Our finance team is a focus pillar of the group, setting the controls and accountability. They supports our respective business functionality. If you are passionate with numbers, control and strategies – you are at the right place!

Do you get excited in implementing and actualising solutions deliverables? If so, we want you! A client service delivery organization will struggle to function effectively without a structured and disciplined operations team. Our Operation Team is indispensable, they takes on a competitive benchmark set by the industry, maximise cost effectiveness to profitability, and are always looking to improve workflow.

Transitioning to the workforce can be challenging. Get hands-on experience that will put you ahead of the competition and possibly lead you to a full-time position at Elitez. Our interns receive constructive guidance & advices from us. Join us to maximise your experience and be expose to different business functions. We want to put you on the path to success.

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Our Milestones


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