Environment, Social
& Governance

Our ESG strategy strive to drive a positive influence today and will continue to do so as our businesses grow. Three key dimensions supporting our strategy: Ethics and Governance, Environment and Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion.

The refreshed ESG Strategy is built on our long-term commitment to the environment, society, and governance. We are working towards developing a robust framework that reflects our commitment to addressing and delivering a purposeful social impact.

Our Commitment

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with Governance

We are committed to upholding high standard of corporate governance, to raise corporate transparency and to enhance shareholder value. Towards this, we have implemented clear policies and procedures to elevate corporate performance, accountability and sustainability, while safeguarding the shareholders’ interests.

Our corporate governance principles reflect the group’s emphasis on strong leadership, effective internal controls and risk management, shareholders accountability, stakeholder engagement, and a robust corporate culture.

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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility (CSR) in Elitez Group means a commitment to improving the society’s quality of life through a proactive approach to ethical behaviour, social and economic development, and environmental principles that involves not only our employees, but also our clients and the surrounding community.

Our initial CSR was stemmed from our founder’s active engagement, and it has built a foundation for our CSR initiatives since, a gamut from pure philanthropy to environmental sustainability to the active pursuit of shared value. We are committed to create value for both the business and society simultaneously.

Create a culture of..
Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse team encourage exchange, innovation and problem-solving, bringing in different perspectives and insight to our business that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Our inclusive culture embrace differences. We cultivate a sense of belonging from within, inviting everyone to come together, be in their true selves, realizing their full potentials. We are committed to preserve a safe environment where every individual respected.

What we do on the outside..

We pride ourselves on attracting the best talent for our clients through a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. This is not only an ethical obligation to reflect the society we serve, but it also allows us to access the widest pool of talent.

For organisations with a clear mandate to actively address their diversity challenges we are ready and waiting. Our approach is based on a partnership that helps to plan and encourage a more in-depth approach to very specific assignments – ensuring the best chance of a truly diverse shortlist.

Addressing to..
Environment & Sustainability

We recognize the global challenges, and it is our responsibility to protect the interests of our employees, clients, and investors, as well as society, now and in the future. Driving sustainability in our operations is an integral part of our practice. We make a continuous effort to track our carbon footprint from energy consumption to resource conversion to address environmental challenges.

By thinking and acting sustainably, we build a resilient business for long-term success, and it reflects our commitment to support those who are working to make the world’s environment more sustainable.

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Our key practice to success..

  • Making contributions to the environment through sustainable initiatives.
  • Keep ourselves up to date and comply with applicable environment policies and practices to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Foster and strengthen sustainable practices within our organization and among our stakeholders.

Meet the ESG team

A team build to strengthen and expand our ESG capabilities.

Head of Diversity & Inclusion

May Khine

Head of Governance

Asmond Soh

Head of Sustainability

Andy Lim