Part of the “growing pains” of a growing business is finding enough people to do increasing amounts of work. Increased demand comes with a corresponding rise in the resources necessary to meet it, and this often includes human resources.

While the obvious solution would be to simply hire more people, this solution to a company’s staffing problem isn’t always as simple as it may first appear. The increased demand may not be constant, for one thing, or the company’s current structure may not be ready to accommodate a sudden expansion in its workforce.

This is why temporary staffing can be a real lifesaver for businesses – by providing a practical alternative to the “obvious solution” to a business’ ad hoc manpower needs. Discover the advantages of temporary staffing along with current temp staffing trends, as well as how you can get help from the right kind of recruitment agency in Singapore.

What is Temp Staffing?

As opposed to hiring staff on a permanent basis, temporary staffing is a way for companies to expand their workforce as needed, especially during a sudden uptick in demand. A company might also hire temp staff when permanent employees go on leave.

Hiring temp staff will be able to save business owners the time and the cost involved in the hiring and training of additional permanent employees. Hiring costs may increase slightly, however, as temp staffing does not offer job security.

But it is the temporary nature of temp staffing that has caused it to become popular among workers such as mothers and students, who have to divide their time between work and their respective duties. There are also workers with other, current jobs who look for simultaneous temp staffing engagements to supplement their income or vary their work experience.

Fresh graduates might likewise turn to temporary staffing jobs as a means of landing permanent positions. Job hunters also use temp staffing as a way to “test” a job before committing full time.

How Temp Staffing Helps Your Business

A look at today’s business environment can help explain how temporary staffing has proven to be beneficial to business owners. With the unpredictability of the nation’s economy, it’s no wonder that many companies think twice before taking on permanent additions to their staff. Such additions not only mean higher company expenditure in terms of salaries, but also in terms of benefits, equipment and training.

This volatility has also affected the preferences of skilled employees in the labour market for temporary staffing arrangements, thereby creating a steady supply of temporary workers. A reliable recruitment agency in Singapore will be able to provide you with as many temporary employees as you require for a particular project or period of time.

Depending on the work that needs to be done, these temporary workers can even be trained to do tasks that require certain skills. In such cases, a company will again be able to save on training expenses.

Indeed, one primary benefit of temporary staffing is that the cost is not fixed, or is variable. This means that a business owner only has to “pay per use”, or only whenever he engages temp staff services.

Ultimately, it is up to the business owners themselves to determine whether the manpower requirements of their business are temporary or long term. Temporary staffing gives them the time they need to make this assessment during manpower planning.

Temp Staffing Suits These Businesses

Companies that work on a per-project basis are among those that stand to benefit significantly from hiring temporary staff, as are those whose demand for their products or services tend to come at certain times of the year. Other companies that routinely launch new products or services will likewise find temp staffing solutions particularly helpful.

Examples of such businesses are those in the events and hospitality sectors. A banquet hall, for instance, will need additional waiters or kitchen staff toward the end of the year when many weddings and company parties take place.

Companies in food & beverage, as well as retail will also need additional staff for product launches or large, periodic deliveries. An example for these industries might include those who give out free samples in supermarkets or a free taste from a food manufacturer.

While smaller companies or SME’s in these sectors will be attracted to hiring temporary workers because of their limited resources, major corporations in other industries are looking for temporary staff, as well. These industries include engineering, financial services, IT, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals. Several government agencies likewise engage temp staffing, as well.

Temporary Staffing Trends in Singapore

HR in Asia says the demand for temp staff has gone up in Singapore this year. Quoting the Hays Quarterly Report, HR in Asia says this is because economic uncertainty drives businesses to focus on costs and find flexible ways to manage their human resources.

More companies now choose to “test” employees first before hiring them permanently, thereby increasing the overall demand for temporary workers. Temporary staffing solutions have therefore come to play a key role in addressing the current skill shortage.

To do this, a company has only to find a recruitment agency in Singapore that specialises in temporary staffing, and specify how many people they need, and for how long. Payment for the work performed by the temp staff is then handed over to the agency. Other services recruitment agencies provide include hiring, dismissal, payroll and taxes, and insurance and social security contributions.

Indicators that a business might need to consider temporary staffing solutions include seasonal demand, production schedules, employee benefits, and skill shortages among permanent staff. A significant drop in the quality of the service that the company provides might also mean that the business is understaffed, and could use extra, temporary help.

Finding the Right Recruitment Agency

To find the temporary staff that their companies need, business owners need to find a reliable recruitment agency with an established temp staffing track record. The agency must have a sizeable database to provide any number of temporary workers on demand, as well as training capabilities to make sure that the temp staff they provide has all the necessary skills.

The Elitez Group is one of Singapore’s leading recruitment agencies, as well as one of the country’s largest promoter management agencies for fast moving consumer goods. With a database of 20,000 temporary workers, Elitez can provide you with as many temp staffers as you require, even at short notice.

Through its careful selection process and in-house training systems, Elitez ensures that you get skilled temp staff that will be able to help you during peak demand periods and projects requiring extra manpower. Several major brands and corporations name Elitez as their temporary staffing solutions provider of choice.

Elitez also provides recruitment support such as onboarding, outplacement services, payroll, and compliance. Rely on its extensive experience and human resources expertise to meet your temporary staffing needs. Get in touch with Elitez, today.

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