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Stemming from the background of a logistics employee turned housewife, she is an excellent example of how career development should be a life-long journey as she celebrates her ten-year milestone with Elitez. Find out more about Linda in this interview article below Hi Linda, can you share more about yourself Hello everyone, I’m Linda Chua

Temp Staffing Agencies Tell: Why Mature Workers Make Great Employees

Singapore’s Mature Workforce The number of mature workers in the country’s workforce continues to grow, enabling local businesses and every employment agency in Singapore to leverage the unique capabilities and characteristics of this segment. The employment rate for local residents aged 55 to 64 hit a high of 67.3% in June 2016. The Straits Times reported that about four

Temporary Staffing can save your business! Here’s how.

Part of the “growing pains” of a growing business is finding enough people to do increasing amounts of work. Increased demand comes with a corresponding rise in the resources necessary to meet it, and this often includes human resources. While the obvious solution would be to simply hire more people, this solution to a company’s staffing