In a world where talent is the key to success, Elitez Group is dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of the HR industry. Meet Ningzhi, an intern and Elitez scholarship recipient who have embarked her journey with us. She shares about her interesting experiences gained and skills honed during her time at Elitez Group while also debunking myths people have about scholarships and internships hoping to shed a light on the essence of Elitez Group’s scholarship program – fostering talent, providing real-world experiences, and shaping the future of HR. Join us as we delve into her story, showcasing how Elitez Group is making a difference in shaping the next generation of HR professionals.

Myth 1: Scholarships are only for the academically exceptional

Ning Zhi: So based on my experiences, I don’t think that scholarships are for the academically inclined. Because I think that as long as you have a positive attitude towards learning and also more adaptable to tasks, these are something that people are looking out for.

Myth 2: Scholarships are only for students in financial need.

Ning Zhi: There’s various types of scholarships. The first type of scholarship will be the academic scholarship.

Merit Based Scholarships The first type of scholarship will be academic scholarship. It looks at your academic performance.

Subject Specific Scholarships – The second type of scholarship based on the field that you study. So for example, arts or sciences and in this type of scholarship, a good portfolio with a good industry knowledge would be what people are looking for, which is beyond your grades.

Need Based Scholarships – The last type of scholarship will be needs based scholarship, which provides financial assistance for students in need.

Myth 3: Internships are just about coffee runs

Ning Zhi: Initially that’s what I thought also but so far throughout my internship at Elitez, I’ve yet to do any coffee runs or errands for my other colleagues and instead I’ve been learning a lot on the backend operations. Such as facilitating the employees’ learning, by organizing and curating the materials for them. Also, I have been doing the onboarding process such as linking the biometrics of employees to the companies’ compound.

What’s one misconception you had about the HR industry, and how has your education and work experience changed that view?

Ning Zhi: I used to think HR is about handling employees’ complaints and also a lot of paperwork. But having this internship has confirmed that HR is not that. It’s more about dealing with people and handling the relationship between people. My time at Elitez, also have confirmed that HR it’s more about it have served it’s strategic purpose in the organization.

What’s the most memorable memory you’ve had during your internship with Elitez?

Ning Zhi: The most memorable memory I had was that I had to tackle the ancient artifacts of the company, which was the old laptops. So after researching the whole day about how to reset Mac and Windows laptop, I guess I am somewhat a tech expert now?

Are you planning to pursue HR as a career and would you recommend internship/scholarships?

Ning Zhi: To be honest, I am not very sure if I want to pursue HR industry in the future because initially I picked HR because I was very interested in the recruitment process, meeting new people and having interviews to talk to people. But after learning more about HR, I realized that HR is more than interviewing and recruitment. So it’s about payroll, onboarding, and a lot of other things under the HR umbrella. So after learning about all these things, I think that the internship will help provide us an opportunity to learn. Even if I were to pursue HR in the future, I think that it will allow me to know which are the subpoints in HR that I am more interested in. I believe that this internship at the company will be a good opportunity for me, because you might not know the people that you meet currently might be your future colleagues again or will introduce you to good job opportunities next time.

Shaping The Future Of HR

Ningzhi’s journey at Elitez Group exemplifies our commitment to fostering the next generation of HR leaders. By providing scholarships, internships, and real-world experiences, we’re not just building talent, we’re shaping the future of the HR industry. Ningzhi’s story debunks the myths and showcases the true value of our program – a chance to learn, grow, and contribute in a meaningful way alongside experienced professionals.

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