Meet the Team

Our heritage is in the FMCG industries, we pride our success on our people. We build our team with a sense of ownership. We’re disciplined. We innovate. We know what we’re doing. We value relationship above everything and we’re passionate to help companies we work with gain a competitive edge.

Derrick Teo Wen Shan


The future of the world belongs to those who can solve problems.
Derrick is a seasoned entrepreneur who is passionate about living a meaningful life. He has contributed to various communities since he was a student. An awardee of the IDA public scholarship, he declined the coveted award in lieu of a life of entrepreneurship. Today, he has acquired more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience across Training, Security and Human Resource industries. Derrick co-founded Elitez Group, a full-suite HR solutions provider that achieved annual turnover exceeding S$40 million. He is on a constant hunt for entrepreneurial talents to contribute in the company’s ascend. He was awarded Gold for 2022 VOTY – Leader of the Year.

Wayne Chen Zaoxiang


Breakthroughs are best sought together.
Wayne drives the company’s vision, strategic direction, and business values to ensure Elitez stays at the forefront in delivering top-notch value to its clients and job-seekers. He leads the Group’s CSR initiatives, as well as overseas development and special projects to position the business for greater growth. Elitez received numerous prestigious awards in his leadership. Giving back to society is enriching to him, and he has actively served the community for the past 20 years. In 2021, he was honored with the President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Award for his efforts.

Lim Yong Ciat


Take Care of Your People, and They’ll Take Care of Your Business.
Powering great possibilities through finance and technology. Yong Jie oversees the group’s overall finance, he identifies and implement technological solution to elevate the company’s financials. He looks into mergers and acquisition opportunities to enhance the company’s growth. His expertise is beneficial in preparation for IPO. He is committed in developing an integrated suite of systems able to serve the needs of Elitez’s diverse clientele and maximise operational productivity and efficiency. He invites like-minded entrepreneur to join him for coffee and find ways to make a difference in the society.

Yvonne Tan Hsiao Hwei 

DIRECTOR | Dynamic human capital

Success is not about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make.
Yvonne founded Dynamic Human Capital as she wants to be a catalyst for change, helping individuals in advancing their careers while contributing to the success of businesses. Yvonne’s inquisitive nature keeps her up to date on industry news, and this is just one aspect of her go-getter attitude complemented by a knowledgeable mind. She is a people’s person who takes heart in understanding the needs of others. Her warm demeanour allows her to cultivate genuine connections with clients and candidates while building a network. Her team is dedicated to deliver exemplary service.

Jackson Lim Joo Chye


Only by giving are you able to receive more than what you already have.
Jackson has always been a strong advocate towards the philosophy of “Givers Gain”. His peers constantly perceive him as a passionate leader who spends his time grooming the next generation of leaders, who will, in turn, contribute to the local community, all with the common goal of increasing productive employment relationships between employers and their workforce.

Tommy Tan Kian Chuan


The attitude you choose to embrace learning will determine your success.
Tommy Tan was a Major in the Navy, and he often share his wealth of experiences. He looked forward to passing his knowledge, and it was then he realised he found his calling to be a trainer. He started his own recruitment firm and obtained a full ACTA certification. His belief in lifelong learning and a dynamic appreciation of best practices across industries has made him a sought-after Trainer.