Issue 6, Jan 2021 – Elitez Group | Lim Kee Food Manufacturing

It is often said that birds of a feather flock together – a reference to how people tend to stay around those most similar to themselves. While diversity and inclusiveness are the new buzzwords in business, there is strong basis for like-minded people to congregate where they can build on each other’s ideas, and go on to achieve success.

Sustainability and Growth

We feature two companies that demonstrate the value that can be derived from compelling commonalities. For leading local food manufacturer Lim Kee, the top management’s unwavering belief in continuous improvement is deep-steeped in the company culture, and employees have come to internalise this philosophy. At human resource firm Elitez, it is the passion of the people that powers its adaptability and steers its strategies.

Anyone who has been awe-struck by the beauty and precision of a flock of birds flying in perfect V formation will likely be impressed by the science behind it. The set formation is an efficient one that enhances communication and coordination, and conserves up to 20% energy; every bird has a specific role to play to maintain the pattern. Similarly, the employees in the two small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) featured here are committed to the same goals, have shared values, and work together for the collective good – the sustainability and growth of their organisations.

Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Given the dynamic economic environment where change is a constant, and the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies have had to relook their strategies in double-quick time. Those that are nimble and able to turn adversity into opportunity. Such as Lim Kee and Elitez, are reaping the rewards. Find out what they did to overcome their past trials and tribulations. Their plans when faced with today’s challenges and how they are preparing themselves to meet tomorrow’s demands.

We hope that these cases can motivate and encourage you in your own business journey. Take a leaf from their accomplishments; ponder the strategies and concepts that might work for you; draw inspiration from their grit and tenacity. And importantly, continue to enjoy your venture of growing through learning and discovery with us.

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