Motherhood in Elitez: Embarking on a New Journey

Motherhood in Elitez: Embarking on a New Journey

Motherhood in Elitez: Embarking on a New Journey

The joy of being a mother is an indescribable feeling. This is one of the most precious moments in a woman’s life, especially when you’re pregnant for the first time. However, there are often concerns, especially when you’re working mothers-to-be. Will your career take a back seat? How will it affect your career progression? Will you still be able to contribute and grow with the company? For many of us women, our careers play a huge role in our lives and we can only imagine how daunting it is to leave your job during pregnancy or even after giving birth.

We reached out to two of our colleagues who are young expectant mothers and asked them about their concerns as they embark on this new journey in their lives.

Interviewer: Hello! Can each of you share more about yourself? 




Ember: Hello, I am Ember, 25 this year. I work as an Assistant Business Development Executive for Dynamic Human Capital.

My job consists of managing key accounts development, providing end to end recruitment support internally and externally and also participating in various project implementations and management. 

I am currently in my first pregnancy 3rd trimester and will be delivering my little girl soon in Mid June!







Jolene: Hello, my name is Jolene and I am 32 years old this year.

I have been working as a Recruitment Consultant for Elitez and Associate for over a year now. 

My job scope is similar to Ember’s, but I do corporate searches for companies instead.

I’m also a first-time mom in my second trimester!




Worried about losing my identity as a professional
Balancing a career and being a mom can be a tough task. But how does one balance motherhood and career progression?


Interviewer: What were some of your concerns when you first found out that you are pregnant?

Ember: Personally, I am prepared to take on the new role as a mother because I prefer to go with the flow, and my family has been very supportive of this. However, like many other young working mothers, I was concerned about how this would affect my career advancement and future job opportunities.

After being with the company for just over 9 months, I am happy that my team supports my career progression and balanced family commitment.

Jolene: Although this was a planned pregnancy, I was caught off guard because it arrived earlier than expected, so there were a lot of uncertainties, not knowing what to expect and do, what I would be experiencing physically, and how it would affect my performance at work.

Furthermore, I was still struggling to meet my sales targets at work, and with a baby on the way, it became one of my biggest concerns as to whether I would be able to consistently perform at work.

Interviewer: These concerns and feelings are perfectly normal. Do you know anything about Elitez Company’s policies for mothers that might help?

Ember: Our company is constructing a nursing room for mothers in the office who needs to breastfeed their babies. There is also flexible work arrangement making it easier to plan our schedules, especially when we have to go for checkups etc.

Jolene: Being a first-time mother might be intimidating, which is why Elitez launched a Whatsapp group. Dedicated to allowing all mummies to share their experiences and advice in order to provide support to one another. The Elitez Work Anywhere Program (EWAP) is also ideal for working parents like me.

Keeping up with the work pace after returning to work. Supportive resources, a flexible work schedule and a supportive community. These are some of the things that working mothers require to help them return to work after maternity leave.

Working for an employer that has flexible hours.

Interviewer: One last question, how do you feel going through this journey with Elitez?




Ember: Initially, I was concerned that taking too many off days would reflect poorly on me.

Elitez, on the other hand, promotes a welcoming and non-discriminatory workplace. It encourages both pregnant and working mothers to share our concerns in a safe environment.

My managers have also been really sympathetic and supportive of my pregnancy, which is reassuring.





Jolene: I appreciate how Elitez is a transparent and open company that sets boundaries from the start, and there is no discrimination against pregnant mummies like me because our performance is based on our merits rather than our physical abilities.

My bosses do not expect anything less from me. Once everything is organized and established at home, I am convinced that my career will not be affected in any way.

One of the greatest thing working in Elitez is having a supportive team who are very pro-family. They understands what I am going through as they have very young families themselves. My manager, Jackson, is also very understanding.

He checks in with me to see if I need any help or if I have any questions. He even offered to hand me down some clothes from his own children. Which is why I can definitely go on my maternity leave with a peace of mind.




We also spoke to Mei Ting, our Elitez Human Resource Manager.  Providing our mummies a better insight on what they should expect when embarking on this new journey.


What do we have to do upon knowing we are expecting? Who & when do I tell the company when we know we are pregnant?

Upon knowing that they are expecting, they should inform their employer. However, we also respect those who prefer to notify their HOD after the first trimester for traditional reasons.

What is the proper procedure when I go on maternity leave?

Inform supervisor and HR on the maternity plan. Submit the baby certificate as soon as possible. Clear the leave within a year after birth.

If I’m struggling between my work & motherhood is there anyone I can reach out to or what would the company do?

We understand the mental and physical stresses of working mothers. Elitez have implemented a “Motherhood Journey” Whatsapp group that acts as a support system to exchange experiences and maternity items. There are also flexible work arrangements and ‘Elitez Work Anywhere Programs’ allowing employees to work remotely or even overseas. These are some policies where mummies can make use of to have better adjustments towards their new role in life.


We are worried that our career progression would be affected, what is the company doing in terms of this?

At Elitez, we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, ensuring equal opportunities given to everyone regardless of their backgrounds. We are supportive of our employees’ family building plan and hope to relieve some of their stress with the new arrangements we have.

Is there any amenities for the mothers at work?

One of the office rooms is converting into a nursery with suitable furnitures. Also, our mummies can provide suggestions as well to ensure that the workplace is a comfortable second home for our mummies. 





Through these candid interviews we understand that Women today have to deal with a trend of leaning in. Feeling compelled to achieve everything a man can, while taking care of all the other duties. People tend to relate to motherhood as a whole, assuming that most mothers have the same concerns and pressures. However, today Women face greater pressure than they did in the past. Employers should adopt a nurturing culture that allows for female employees to be promoted without having to sacrifice their home lives. 

Elitez respects new mothers and their employees’ commitment to work, whether they are in-house or remote workers. They believe that one should not be forced to quit their job simply because you are pregnant.

Elitez also pays attention to its employees’ concerns so that they can achieve their goals while caring for their families. This is just one of the many benefits of being a member of Elitez, so if you want to start a career, consider joining us today

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