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The Big Read: Work from anywhere in the world? Easier said than done as regulations, policies play catch-up

As borders reopen and families reunite, employees who have gotten used to remote work over the past months are starting to contemplate the possibility of doing that while overseas. SINGAPORE: When Mr Jamin McKee found out that his father’s health was worsening, the Singapore-based New Zealander asked his then-employer in September last year if he

The Big Read in short: Working remotely overseas not as simple as it seems

Staying in a country for an extended period of time would invariably lead a person to be subject to its tax and labour laws, said tax and employment experts. However, the lines are not always clearly drawn and depend on many different factors, such as whether the employee still has to pay taxes in Singapore

Companies can cope with Covid fatigue by staying flexible: Experts

Experts noted that most companies have grown familiar with remote work, although some still struggle with the adjustment. Work arrangements remain in a state of flux as the pandemic wears on and the authorities continue to uncover safety breaches at workplaces, but companies can manage fatigue by staying agile and prioritising staff well-being, say experts.

Issue 6, Jan 2021 – Elitez Group | Lim Kee Food Manufacturing

It is often said that birds of a feather flock together – a reference to how people tend to stay around those most similar to themselves. While diversity and inclusiveness are the new buzzwords in business, there is strong basis for like-minded people to congregate where they can build on each other’s ideas, and go

Variety adds spice to EE Awards

(From left) Oliver Tan, CEO of ViSenze, Most Promising Startup Award winner; Charles Johnson, founder of Hope First Response, Emerging Enterprise Award winner; Ven Chin, founder and executive director of GD Group, Emerging Enterprise Award winner; Cecilia Chow, executive director of ZWEEC Analytics, Emerging Enterprise Award winner and also Best Innovation Award winner; Lee Yi

What Budget goodies do you hope to get this year?

Mr Ang Cheng Siew, managing director of Z-Power Automation. Mr Pek Ee Perh Thomas, president of Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association.Mr Pek Ee Perh Thomas, president of Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association. Dr Timothy Low ,CEO Farrer Park Hospitals Mr Ho Meng Kit, CEO Singapore Business Federation Mr Derrick Teo, CEO Elitez