An Interview with Linda

In commemoration of international day for older people, we at Elitez celebrate the hard work and service of our older employees, many of whom have contributed greatly. Truly, it takes our team of dedicated individuals and their dedication to upholding the company’s core promise; delivering human potential across borders that keep us going.

We would like to take moments to feature these employees and to commemorate their achievements not only in life but with us here and none fits the bill more than our beloved Project Leader Linda.

Stemming from the background of a logistics employee turned housewife, she is an excellent example of how career development should be a life-long journey as she celebrates her ten-year milestone with Elitez.

Find out more about Linda in this interview article below

Hi Linda, can you share more about yourself

Hello everyone, I’m Linda Chua

I come from a big family of 13 siblings. I am very lucky to be the youngest of all and received a lot of loves from my brothers and sisters.

I am also blessed with my husband and my three lovely children aged 30,26 and 24. I started working in my dad’s logistic company after I graduated from my ‘o’ level with some of my siblings until about 2008 when we decided to close down due to competitions.

After which I became a housewife and did simple part time jobs like going to housing estates selling probiotic drink before I went for the WSQ course of “Sell Product and Services” and joined Elitez as a promoter in 2010.

Since then, my journey of 10 years began

I am curious throughout your 10 years in Elitez, can you share what was your most memorable incident?

It was definitely in 2012 when Elitez took on the Mooncake Festival plus a few projects. We need to have 300 promoters in total when we only have less than 50 regulars promoters. Everyone pushed hard. I remembered it was the day for deployment, 1 am, I was really out of wit and shamefully called my superior to inform them that I am short one promoter.

Over the phone, I was told to not give up and continue to find. I broke down. Just when I thought it was impossible for anyone to reply at that timing, I received a call from one promoter who just came back from Malaysia. Blessed. Law of attraction. That was how we became the largest agency in Singapore for FMCG below-the-line marketing in 2013.

Linda, can you tell us what made you step into the workforce 10 years ago?

Initially, I just wanted to stay at home, and just do some part-time to pass time.

Even attending the courses was encouraged by my daughter. That was when I managed to join Elitez as a part-time promoter and then, my son encouraged me to work Full Time in the office. I was reluctant to as I do not know how to use the computer. But decided to give it a try.

What allowed you to stay at Elitez for so long?

I am really grateful to be a part of Elitez Family. It is because of the bosses and colleagues. Honestly, just the thoughts of leaving will make me cry. We are just like a family. Be it personal or work issues, they are always there to help me.

There was once I was unwell due to Meniere’s disease, I called Wayne to inform him that I will go TTSH to check up. After a while, he called me to tell me that he reached the hospital while I was still at home about to make my move there. He waited and accompanied me. After hearing from the doctor that I need to take more fresh fruits, he went to buy them immediately and send me home.

Where to find such an attentive boss? Derrick also constantly shows genuine concern to me and my family. I can never forget something he told me. “A person is made up of 2 things: Skills and Attitude. Skills can be taught, but Attitude can’t. You have a great attitude.”

What do you think you have achieved during your 10 year at Elitez

I think my biggest takeaway from Elitez is that I grew from an Auntie who do not know how to use any IT Gadgets, to one that knows how to use WhatsApp, Emails, take photos with a phone camera, and now Zoom! I am grateful for the kind helps and patience I receive along the way. You know I was having a problem just send out one email saying “hello” to Derrick and Wayne

After that I slowly improved, I was glad that I was able to use the computer to do my ACTA Assignment on my own with little help from others and now I can use the computer efficiently to do my work and conduct classes using Zoom. I personally feel that one must be willing to take the first step out. The rest will follow.

Look at me now, I have developed and sincerely hope that I can a testimonial to bring on the change and motivate others.

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