From left: Jocelyn Wun, Director of Certification and Customer Experience at IHRP; Derrick Teo, CEO of Elitez Group; and Aslam S., CEO of IHRP witnessing the ceremony.

In a significant move to enhance human resource standards, the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Elitez Group of Companies. This partnership, formalized during IHRP’s inaugural Recognition Day, aims to elevate the recognition and career growth potential of IHRP Certified HR professionals. This notable event, hosted at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre, was attended by key industry figures, including Patrick Tay Teck Guan from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Aslam S., CEO of IHRP, alongside 600 newly certified HR professionals.

Commitment to Excellence

The MOU was signed by Jocelyn Wun, Director of Certification and Customer Experience at IHRP, and Derrick Teo, CEO of Elitez Group, with IHRP CEO Aslam S. witnessing the ceremony. This partnership underscores the shared commitment of IHRP and Elitez Group to promote excellence in human resource practices.

Elitez Group CEO Derrick Teo speaking at the IHRP Recognition Day 2024. 

Enhancing Career Opportunities

Through this collaboration, Elitez Group will prioritize IHRP Certified HR professionals for HR roles, ensuring their expertise and qualifications are recognized and valued. This initiative aligns with relevant contractual and regulatory requirements, enhancing the career growth potential of certified HR practitioners.

Insights from Elitez Group CEO

Derrick Teo, CEO of Elitez Group, shared his journey of transforming the company from a marketing and promotions entity to a comprehensive HR service provider. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong organizational culture and the value of continuous upskilling, urging HR professionals to adapt and grow in a dynamic environment.

Looking Ahead

This collaboration between IHRP and Elitez Group aims to drive innovation in HR practices and set new benchmarks for HR excellence. As they embark on this journey, both organizations are committed to delivering impactful initiatives that will benefit the HR community and shape the future of human resource management.

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