Climate leadership is not just about reducing your own GHG emissions. It’s about influencing other businesses to do the same.

On a business level, it is important to understand how your company contributes to climate change, and how much of an impact that makes on the world. This is where carbon footprinting comes in – it helps businesses understand their carbon emissions, identify ways to reduce them through energy efficiency measures or renewable energy investments and set ambitious goals for decarbonization over time.

Elitez have engaged CAtalyst to establish Elitez’s Climate Strategy by calculating different scopes of emissions, plotting science-based decarbonization pathway as well as identifying climate certification we want to pursue.

Key Definitions and Frameworks

Following Green House Gas Protocol, CAtalyst derive the 3 scope of emission to focus for our business.

Overview of Elitez’s Carbon Footprint

Scope 1, 2 and 3 total CO2e + methodology

Elitez did not detect any scope 1 emissions in the previous financial year, but there were 18.2 tons of CO2e (Scope 2) produced, not including some of the absent electricity bills. We also generated 2.2 tons of CO2e for Scope 3, despite the fact that its drivers are difficult to calculate and manage.
*Please keep in mind that these are preliminary calculations that may change pending additional information from Scope 2 and 3.

Calculations are base on Science Based Target and Green House Gas Protocol standards.

Elitez’s Main Emission Driver by Business Units

Adept Academy

Scope 2

  • Office Electricity

Scope 3

  • Employee commute
  • Office water usage
  • Paper and printing
  • Employee work device usage at home

Elitez FMCG & Security

Scope 2

  • Office Electricity

Scope 3

  • Employee commute
  • Office water usage
  • Employee work device usage at home
  • Contracted logistics

Science Base Reduction Path

Our aim demands a 42% (7,656kg) decrease in carbon emissions by 2030, starting from the base year (2021), in accordance with the SBTi decarbonizing pathway, based on a 1.5 degree scenario.

Diving into Scope 2 emission

It is critical to identify the main drivers of our Scope 2 emissions in order to reduce them. Based on our preliminary analysis, they have identified two areas of opportunity to pursue first: air conditioning and laptops.

Month by month breakdown of CO2 Emissions (kg CO2e)

Main drivers of Scope 2

  • Air conditioning               – 4,000W
  • Projectors                           – 300W
  • Desktop computers        – 100W
  • Fridges                                  – 80W
  • Photocopiers (standby) – 70W
  • Light bulbs                          – 60W
  • Printers (standby)            – 50W
  • Laptops                                 – 50W

Annual Scope 2 Emissions:

>18,227 kgCO2e

Scope 2 improvement initiatives

Diving into Scope 3 emissions

More than 70% of a business’ total carbon emissions usually falls under the scope 3. Tackling scope 3 emissions will decrease our total carbon emissions and position Elitez as a front runner in the local decarbonization scene. Working towards our business’ vision of a sustainable value chain and better aligning our business to industry and strengthening risk management

[By addressing Scope 3 emissions], Companies can mitigate risks within their value chains, unlock new innovations and collaborations, and respond to mounting pressure from investors, customers and civil society. 

SBTi Value Chain Report

The following diagram show the ease of Management against ease of measurement. In Elitez, business air tickets, utilities (water consumption) and office supplies (laptop) are the lowest hanging fruits to measure and manage.

Two examples on strategies to measure Scope 3 emissions

Water Consumption

Total carbon emissions from water usage:

Total amount of water used from Water bills (m3) X 1.3kg = Total CO2 generated from water use

Ways To Reduce Emission

Office Equipment
  • Elitez could utilise equipment such as having a low flow faucet or automatic water efficient tap
Wastewater Recycling
  • Channeling of wastewater to irrigate outdoor green areas
  • Aids Elitez to lower water consumption

Certification & Next Steps

Certification for recognizing decarbonization leaders

Climate Neutral Certification Steps

Elitez has the first step taken, now that we are aware of our carbon emissions, we can move forward with our plans to reduce them. Be the forerunner in adoption of green practices for your organisation. We hope to inspire and encourage other organization to follow suite. Together, we can create a cleaner, more sustainable world for our future generations.

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