Our Academy, Your Processes, Your Success

Right knowledge and relevant skill sets are fundamental to ensuring sustainable employment. Here at Adept Academy, we deliver practical and functional training that equips course participants with the necessary expertise to position themselves for professional success.

We deliver high quality and structured training to help you grow and expand your business through our well-groomed and trained employees.

Our course designers are experienced and qualified to design and deliver a repertoire training programs aimed to creates immediate and measurable results. Our services include,

Developing Customized Training Plan and Training Materials

We stabilize and grow your sales or operations by developing a system that works with materials straight from industry experts. We ensure your business is prepared for scale.

Developing Customized Assessment Plan

We develop an assessment plan that measures what is operationally important to your business. Be it recalling product knowledge or recommending alternative services, be confident in the output of training with our customized assessment plans.

Train-The-Trainer Development

We boost the average expertise within your organization and increase your retention rates.

Developing On-The-Job Training and Implementation

Transfer learning beyond the training room and empower your seniors to coach new hires. Drastically reduce your training costs with internal training. Discover how compatible your business is with On-The-Job Training with Adept Academy.

WSQ Course

WSQ certified programs are eligible for subsidies of up to 90% from the approving institution. Programmes are structured, and each attendee will be assessed to be competent before they are redeployed.

Non-WSQ Course

Our field trainers are in touch with the market and the ever-expanding scope of training needed to grow businesses. Through feedback and consultation between trainers and developers have crafted the following programs to turbo charge your business.

Experience the results you want now.