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Motherhood in Elitez: Embarking on a New Journey

The joy of being a mother is an indescribable feeling. This is one of the most precious moments in a woman’s life, especially when you’re pregnant for the first time. However, there are often concerns, especially when you’re working mothers-to-be. Will your career take a back seat? How will it affect your career progression? Will […]

Non-profit SVIV connects SMEs in Singapore and Vietnam

International Women’s Day – The Leading Women

This International Women’s Day, Elitez recognises and appreciates the accomplishments that women make every day. We #ConnectWith Yvonne Tan, the leading woman behind Dynamic Human Capital to share with us her experience being a leader.

Overcoming Adversity: Working in a Foreign country

Choosing to work in a foreign country is never an easy decision. It has never been and will never be. Considering working abroad? We all have that rosy picture at the back of our minds illustrating the beauty and admiration of how wonderful life could be living alone abroad. However, reality only starts to kick […]

Appointment of Elitez ESG Team

Asmond will oversee the firm’s Ethics & Governance and deliver the code of conduct that incorporates our core values.“A big part of our startup policy is based on learning from much larger companies, such as our clients. We believe that Asmond, who has strong adherence and ethical beliefs is what we look highly up to, [...]

Internship: Life as an Elitez Intern

Stories of bad internship experiences abound, it may not be a bed of roses for some – However, if you are fortunate to land a great internship, it will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in a certain specific career field. We believe people are the backbone of the businesses, […]

Industry Transition: Kenneth Koh on Embracing Change

Often, the most valuable conversations are with people we don’t meet. There’s something everyone has to offer, we just have to be open to hearing new ideas and perspectives. Curious to know the happenings within the group, with the help of the management we reached out to Kenneth. Taking this opportunity to kick start the […]

An Interview with Linda: Career Development & Progress

In commemoration of international day for older people, we at Elitez celebrate the hard work and service of our older employees, many of whom have contributed greatly. Truly, it takes our team of dedicated individuals and their dedication to upholding the company’s core promise; delivering human potential across borders that keep us going. We would […]

Temp Staffing Agencies Tell: Why Mature Workers Make Great Employees

Experience, maturity and a well-developed work ethic—these are just some of the reasons why engaging the services of mature workers makes perfect sense. Employers stand to benefit greatly from mature workers who are willing to share what they’ve learned during their careers. These workers likewise have a host of other traits specific to their age […]

Get Hooked Up With the Right People

A business is only as good as the people behind it. Even if a business has an honest-to-goodness, fantastic product or stand-out service, it takes a team of talented, dedicated individuals to get that product or service to customers and to keep the business going.   It therefore becomes imperative that the selection of every […]